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Configuration not enabled

By albertowalker ·
I?d need to simply configure an ADSL account to connect to my ISP but I cannot because the following option is disabled:
Network connections/create a new conection.
The wizard begin but when it ask me for the kind of conection I chose manual setup /....
There, the options "Connecto using a dialup modem" and "Connect using a broadband connection with usr name and password" are dusabled
(sorry for the translation, my Windows and me are in Spanish)

What could be happening?

La card is OK, no conflicts TCP/IP components are enabled. harddware work fine. I?ve connected another HD and installed a ney copy of Windows and everything work fine, but in the actual hard disk I have many critical software instalations and I?d need to preserve them.

Thanks for your help!!!


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Configuration not enabled

if you are logging in with an account with Administrator privleges, I do not know why they are greyed out. Are you home or in the office?
NO need to create a new Network connection.
Only configure Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options/Connections/'Never dial...' and then in LAN uncheck the 'automatically detect proxy settings.'
Your English is very good but, sorry i do not understand.
Can you ping your adsl modem?
Can you ping your isp's dns servers?
The only place you would configure a username and password is in the adsl modem. Have you done that?
If not, maybe that is your problem. Recent adsl modems commonly have a web interface.To configure the modem, you will need to place the LAN ip address of the adsl modem in your Internet Explorer addressbar and press Enter. You may need more guidance from your isp. but if you have a username and password try setting it up for ppoe and entering those.
if you don't have your adsl ip address, no sweat.
Cold reset the adsl modem so it goes back to the factory defaults. with the modem on and hooked to your computer, force a dhcp refresh (see below) your pc will get it's ip address from the adsl modem and you will see the modem's ip address as the gateway.
How to force a refresh of dhcp.
If you have your adsl modem connected to your computer with a link light on both ends, and your tcpip settings are set to Automatically get ip address then try this:
Start/Run/cmd <enter>
ipconfig <enter>
do you see what you expect?
your adsl modem ip address should be the gateway address.
if you do not see that, try this:
ipconfig /release <enter>
ipconfig /renew <enter>

you will see one these possible responses:

1) an ip address of
2) an ip address of 169.x.x.x
3) an ip address of Class C like the Internet
4) an error 'no dhcp server'

or, it will be an address on the subnet with your adsl router. Perfecto

Let us know your error and we can help more.

la ayuda viene en camino
con permisso

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