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    Configuration of Norton Intenet Security


    by escheitz ·

    I am trying to configure Norton Internet Security 2003 -2005 on a few workstations. I was wondering what is more secure. I want to configure the firewall to trust the other computers on my network. Which is better, when the wizard detects a non routable address, it adds the whole subnet that this address belongs to the trusted zone. Or to manually add the IP addresses. I was reading about IP-spoofing and was wondering if one method is better than the other to defend this…

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      Reply To: Configuration of Norton Intenet Security

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Configuration of Norton Intenet Security

      Do you want to manually go to those workstations or not would be the best determination on the way to configure the product.

      Personally, I’ve found it a pain to have to walk to a workstation as the user is always there on it.

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