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Configuration Problem

By dmiles ·
I am in the process of configuring a new system
consists of P4 motherboard with 350 Power Supply,using the old case.

First the mother board does not have the same connectors for front panel,there is no internal speaker connector on baord,but the board does have a speaker on it,no beep sound when system is booted.

1)The green LED light does not flash when system is powered on,I am using the white wire as ground,so correc me if I am wrong.

2)When installing software,the system will reboot but hang with blinking cursor on black screen.Have to use the Reset Switch to reboot system,then it will complete the task.

When shutting the system down,after clicking the shutdown button,the Monitor screen will go black but the on/off button is still lit as though it's on.The case fan, CPU and Power Supply are still running,the only way to shut down completely is to use power supply switch on the back of case,but when switched on the system will start to boot up.

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by LMon In reply to Configuration Problem

Your cables are not configured correctly. What you need to do is get the mobo's manual. Then you will have to reconfigure the power,reset, and led cables they are in the wrong places.

Go to the mobo webpage page and then get the manual for the model you have. It will show you were the cables below. So they work they way they are intended to.

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by dmiles In reply to

Poster rated this answer.
I am knowledgeable of this and checked the obvious before posting the question.
Thanks for the input,but it was no help.

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by TheChas In reply to Configuration Problem


I've yet to come up with a definitive standard for which side of the LED leads is hot and which is ground.

Try reversing the orientation of the LED connector.

As to the power problem, I suspect that you are going into hibernation and not power off.
This may be a BIOS setting in the power management section.

I have seen a number of different problems when a system hangs on reboot.

Start with removing plug-in cards. I have had problems with both sound cards and modems on different motherboards.

Make sure that the CPU speed is properly detected.
I have had enough strange problems with wrong front side bus and multiplier settings that I now ALWAYS set them manually.


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by dmiles In reply to

Hi Chas
I will have to continuse to proceed with trial and switch with the connector part.

This was the first P4 I have put togeather and I must have missed something about what operating system to use,apperently Windows Me was the problem,after upgrading to W2K Pro the problem were solved,everything else checked out okay.
Thanks for the help.

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by dmiles In reply to Configuration Problem

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