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configure color printer (HP) in sco unix

By SandeepM ·
I want to configure the color printer of HP in sco unix open server 5.0.As this OS supports only the HP deskjet 500 and plus any other printer cant be configured in this. I want to print some graphics from my scada application. Is there any printer available which provides divers for sco unix. If not what should be done?

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by Nico Baggus In reply to configure color printer ( ...

Have you checked with the following sites:

and also check foomatic on the site for
drivers of various printers.

Good Luck,

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by SandeepM In reply to

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by Nico Baggus In reply to configure color printer ( ...

What is wrong with the answer....
Ik know of no printer manufacturer that
has drivers for all unices.
But the inkjet project (it needs GhostScript)
and GhostScript itself have a huge base of
of output devices.
This tool accepts PostScript And PDF files to
print them on a huge set of printers.

HTH then,
Nico Baggus

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by Nico Baggus In reply to

BTW. This is what I use the drive my HP7130.
And please tell why you don't like the answer
it might be that the question is not clear enough
or you do have more requirements that are not
mentioned. TIA

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by stress junkie In reply to configure color printer ( ...

First, I agree completely with Nico. The original question doesn't have nearly enough information about the problem. For instance what is the exact model of the printer that you are trying to print from? How does it connect to the computer? ( parallel, serial, USB, ethernet )

I went to the SCO site. It lists NO HP printers in the hardware compatibility list for OpenServer 5.0.x.

I had to research what a scada application is. I found that there are several companies that offer scada applications and they provide some sort of drivers. For what I don't know. Here is the URL that I found with very little effort:


Speaking almost completely from ignorance I get the impression that the scada application vendor may provide the printer driver that you are looking for.

I couldn't quickly find out if the SCO software uses, or can use, the CUPS printing software, as Nico had suggested. I wonder if you even bothered to look at that link or the link to sourceforge. You certainly didn't bother to explain why you rejected Nico's first answer. You need to participate in finding the solution. Nobody can read your mind.

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