Configure FortiGate to work as a SSL VPN

By fox_x ·
I am trying to configure SSL-VPN on my FortiGate 60.

I think I've done everything correctly according to the "fortigate ssl vpn user guide", but when I try to login with the username in the web-browser, it doesn't log me in and gives an error message - "Error:Unavailable information".
I'm using the built-in certificate "Fortinet_Local" (valid until 2026).

In the log I get this error message:
03-03-2009 11:48:46 Local7.Alert date=2009-03-03,time=11:48:46,devname=Fortigate-60,device_id=FGT-602103244712,log_id=0132099602,type=event,subtype= sslvpn-user,pri=alert,vd=root,user="yoav",rip="192.168.0. 113",action=login,status=failure,reason="unavail_info",msg="User yoav login failed from"

Even when I login with wrong password it gives the same error message.

This is what I configured in the Fortigate:
I created a user, and added it to the SSL VPN group.
I gave him access to SSL-VPN tunnel service and to all web applications.

In the VPN section, I enabled the SSL-VPN, chose the "Fortinet_Local" as server certificate. Encryption I set on Low (even though I tried with all), require client certificate not enabled (even though it didn't work also when it was enabled).

In the firewall section, in the Address, I added ip range for internal network and external for the IP that the router is giving to the VPN clients.
In the firewall policy, I added a new one, source is external, destination is internal, action is ssl-vpn and allowed the user group of the SSl-vpn.

Then I installed on the client the certificate "Fortinet_local", opened internet explorer, logged in with the user/pass but it didn't work...

Can anyone help ?

Thanks and have a wonderful day,

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Check the Fortinet Knowledge Base for better guidance

by shathish.kumar In reply to Configure FortiGate to wo ...

Please refer to this link for more accurate steps on configuring SSL VPN:

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by inSecure_ro In reply to Configure FortiGate to wo ...
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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to SSL VPN

Note this question was from four years ago.....

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