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Configure H Jetdirect network printer

By h_greene ·
How do I configure IP address on a printer attached to HP JetDirect 175x device?

I cannot seem to get the jetdirect device to print out the IP configuration. If I could get the IP address of printer, I could telnet to it, etc. My problem is figuring out the initial IP address assignment.

Someone suggested holding down the test button on the jetdirect device. Did this, did not work. Maybe I am missing the exact sequence. Pls advise steps. Once, stumbled on printing out IP config. It showed initializing, with no ip address assigned, yet. How can I get the IP printout, again?

The attached printer is HP 1200c LaserJet. It is connected via USB cable to the Jetdirect device, which in turns connects via patch cable to LAN (via Netgear unmanaged switch).

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by Oz_Media In reply to Configure H Jetdirect net ...

Have you tried assigning a static IP through the SETUP MENU ?

That's what I had to revert to to get the LJ4000 and 5M printers up.

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by h_greene In reply to

Cannot get to the setup menu. The LaserJet 1200 has no menu screen. sgt_schultz ans (below) might help. Previously tried the HP wizard, but it did not find device; Reset to factory default might work. I will advise.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Configure H Jetdirect net ...

download and install the Install Network Printer wizard from hp. it is wonderful. it will search for your device and tell you the ip address...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

btw, it is the print server, not the printer that has the ip address...nother idea is to reset the print server back to factory default address of i looked up how on the hp website. here it is:
Unplug the power module from the back of the print server.
While holding down the Test button on the back of the print server, plug the power module back into the print server and continue to hold down the Test button for about five seconds. Any previous settings will be erased.
NOTE: Wait approximately five minutes for the TCP/IP stack to finish the BootP and DHCP processes before it comes to the factory default TCP/IP address of If a network connection cannot be established, (due to bad cable. etc.) the IP address will stay at and the TCP/IP status will read "Initializing."

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by h_greene In reply to

Thank you for your help.

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by h_greene In reply to Configure H Jetdirect net ...

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