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    configure IRQ’s in W 2000 pro


    by casemaker ·

    I need to manually configure IRQ’s in W2K. I have changed all the BIOS setting that could be related. I am unable to change them. The video, sound, network, usb and modem all use IRQ 11. I set the bios for the modem to use IRQ 3.
    It does not.

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      Reply To: configure IRQ’s in W 2000 pro

      by thechas ·

      In reply to configure IRQ’s in W 2000 pro

      First, Microsoft is making it harder and harder to manually assign device resources. IRQ sharing usually works very well unless you have an application that is looking for a device to be using specific resources.

      Second, if you changed the BIOS setting for the modem that I am thinking of, all that really does is set the BIOS for which IRQ to monitor when set to wake on ring, and has nothing to do with actual resource allocation.

      Looking over some articles on Microsoft’s web site, it looks like the first step is to disable ACPI mode in BIOS setup. Along with this, you may need to install Windows 2000 clean to change the HAL to non-plug-and-play. This should enable the IRQ option in device manager.

      Check out these links:

      When we need a device to be at specific resources, we install the device and write our code to use the resources that Windows assigns to the device. This works well “IF” all target systems have the same hardware configuration.

      If you are attempting to change IRQ assignments to deal with a hardware conflict, the first step I would take is to download the latest W2K driver for the device.
      Then, remove the device from Device Manager.
      Shut down. Remove the device, or disable it in BIOS settings.
      Set update ESCD to enable.
      Boot up at least twice with the new configuration.
      Then, shut down and install or enable the device.
      MANUALLY install the new driver.


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      Reply To: configure IRQ’s in W 2000 pro

      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to configure IRQ’s in W 2000 pro

      Gotta ask. Why do you think that you need to change the irq.

      Windows uses 11 as the shared irq. Things finally are getting along with the scheme of things.

      Do you have a piece of equipment that just wants one specific number and cannot live with out it.


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