Configure multiple backend Exchange Servers 2003 w/out Frontend

By Mike Mel ·
I currently have two exchange 2003 servers (serverA,serverB) functioning as backend servers. Each server has 20 different mailboxes on it. Currently the DNS is configured with 2 MX records, one for each server. Both servers are able to successfully send and receive email. My question is how do I confiugre this setup so that when someone sends an email and it arrives at serverA but the users mailbox is on serverB it will forward to serverB. Is it possible to configure so that if serverB is offline serverA will hold onto the messages until serverB is back online.

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humm are these exchange servers serving single domain?

by CG IT In reply to Configure multiple backen ...

or multiple domains?

Single instance storage or multiple instance?

Is this for fault tolerance?

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Single Domain

by Mike Mel In reply to humm are these exchange s ...

Not sure what is meant by single or multiple instance.

The reason for 2 Exchange Servers is that they are located at seperate physical locations, NY & NJ.
The two sites are connected by a private T1 line and is currently acting as a single network. ie. only a single subnet shared by both location. Active Directory is configured as one site. I know this is not an ideal situation as NJ clients will authentic with NY and NJ domain controllers as well as NY clients authenticate with NJ & NY clients. Ideally I would configure this into 2 seperate sites however I don't see that budget happening anytime soon(if it works why spend money)

The reason I put both exchange servers in our domain MX record is if one server goes down, we would like to still be able to receive email and hopefully have it queued until the server comes back online.

I guess my question is more towards the functionality of Exchange when you have multiple Exchange boxes in the same domain. If it's possible to have both exchange boxes send and receive email. As far as I can tell everything is working properly I'm just wondering what will happen if one server goes off line for a while.

I appreciate any assistance given. I am responsible for all apsects of our IT equipment and am trying to learn everything all at once. This is however something I'd like to have figured out before anything actually happens.

Thanks again.

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Best place to go for how to's:

by CG IT In reply to Single Domain

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