Configure public IP

By gurutej_raikar ·
I have a public ip which I am using on my server. But whenever I do so, the file server hangs. Please can anyone let me know why the same is happening??

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Not with the info that you have provided.

by daveo2000 In reply to Configure public IP

You are asking a question that requires investigation. Your text does not indicate that you have done any of this investigation yet. If you want some help you will need to provide some of the tests and results that you have already done. You should include such things as hardware config (how many servers), OS type (Linux or the other one), firewall, router, DHCP, etc...

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Server Deatails

by gurutej_raikar In reply to Not with the info that yo ...

I am having a xeon server with Win 2K3 Server OS loaded on the same. I have two LAN cards on the same server. Antivirus is e-trust. There is no problem with the network card. Its only when I put the public IP that the system starts hanging. All ip address are OK.

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Next question...

by daveo2000 In reply to Server Deatails

I need more information around the statement "Its only when I put the public IP that the system starts hanging".

What do you mean by "put the public IP"?

Additionally, explain the statement "All ip address are OK" a little more. I don't want to assume what you mean.

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Problem is solved

by gurutej_raikar In reply to Next question...

The problem was with service packs. I installed service pack2 and the problem got rectified.

Now there is a problem with Remote Desktop connection. I can do RDC internally with the server. But I cannot do the same through the internet....can any one pls help me.

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Some ISPs block certain ports.

by daveo2000 In reply to Problem is solved

Can you reach a web server on your machine from outside? If not, then maybe your ISP blocks some "well known ports" to help clients avoid attacks.

If they do then you have two choices:
1) ask the ISP if they can unblock those ports for your IP;
2) use other ports and port-forward from your firewall to the proper port on your server.

See where you get on these questions and report back your findings.

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by pmane78 In reply to Configure public IP

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