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configure restricted user account

By ddnorm ·
I am working to configure a system for use by multiple users in a public place. I need to configure a user account (limited, of course) with severe restrictions to protect the computer, the O.S., and other users.

The only capabilities the box has to provide to these users is to browse the internet, and to access web-based email and web-based chat or IM.

The box is WinXP Pro with SP2, IE7 and Firefox.

I dont want these users to be able to download, or to be able to alter the config of the O.S., or of the account.

I dont know which of these concerns lie in the domain of the Windows user account config (or where), and which lie in the config of the browser or the firewall.

The easiest thing would be to be able to download and install a 'template' for such a system or account... but it probably wont be that easy...

any direction toward answers to these questions will be much appreciated.



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