configure web address to use VPN connection

By james.ryder ·
We have a stand alone PC on our network which connects to a 3rd party network using a VPN to access specific files etc.

4 of our users share this PC to access these files, which causes a problem when more than 1 of them wants to use it.

Is it possible to setup the VPN connection on their PC's (which are on a domain) so that when they accesses a specific web address it would go via the VPN instead of via the network proxy as per normal internet traffic?

This would allow them all to use the VPN when they wanted and also free up the standalone PC.

I'm thinking this isn't possible as it's a bit specific but thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas?


P.S. Pc's are windows XP pro, IE7

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VPN Client setup

by NormH3 In reply to configure web address to ...

I would think that this is something you would have to work on with the 3rd party network administrators. If there was a VPN client installed on each of your users PC's it could be doable. I have users that use this technology except the web site is opened by the VPN client after the connection is made.

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no specific software being used

by james.ryder In reply to VPN Client setup

Thanks for the reply... the machine currently using the VPN connection just uses windows dial up to establish the VPN so no extra software.

I imagine we could get it to work ok but once the VPN is established how would Internet explorer know to use the network for internet access and the VPN for the specific site that is located on the VPN? I think that's probably the bit which isn't possible, or tricky to do.

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