configure windows 2003 as router OR configure router on LAN

By philipsunith ·
I have a 2mbps adsl connection at work, the ISP terminated a RJ45 pin & left it with us to setup the internet for our LAN of 15 users.

the ISP has provided us with the following


2ndary DNS:

The Server has one NIC configured as DHCP server with


SCOPE is to

Can I setup my windows 2003 server to act as a roouter so that the clients can access the internet


can you help me on how to configure my router to share this internet connection

Please help

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Yes and No

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to configure windows 2003 as ...

Yes you can configure your 2003 Server to act as a Router but you need 2 NIC Connections in it. As this is normal for many server Boards this shouldn't be a problem with one set to the Static IP Addressing of the ISP and the other NIC set to the Internal LAN. If you are running ISA on this machine it will make it better.

As for setting you your router as you didn't give a make or model it's a bit harder but all you basically need to do is look up the Instructions and follow them and set your ISP Addressing as the Primary and then you can do as you please on the internal side of the router.

However depending on what you are using it may be better to run everything through the server particularly if you are using Exchange as a Mail Server because you don't want your internal computers looking directly outside to collect incoming E-Mail or sending it out directly bypassing Exchange.


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router models

by philipsunith In reply to Yes and No

I have an Aztech ADSL router MODEL: DSL600EU & also a siemens SPPEDSTREAM 6520.

Can you help me on how do i go about configuring this?

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The User Manual & Firmware updates for

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to router models

The Aztech unit are listed on this page under DSL600EU

As I have never had any joy on finding Destruction Manuals for anything Siemens this may be one of the better sites to point you to


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