Configuring 2 NIC on windows 2003 server

By tzbongo ·
I need your guidance, I am in the process to change my carrier into Networking, and i am trying to do a hands on learning currently i do not have the money to take classes.

Here is my situation:

I have 4 PCs
2 Running windows 2003
2 Running Fedora core 6
Static Public IP address from my ISP
1 Cable modem,
1 Linksys wireless router (DHCP enabled)
1 8 Port hub

I would like eventually to make My PC 1 an internal firewall that will be connected to my internal LAN, this PC (Border PC) has two NICS. Before i will be able to configure my FW, that will be running on this PC (Border PC) I would like to setup my network such that other PCs on my LAN will be able to connect to the internet through this Border PC.
I have been seraching for couple of days, but have not been able to find some proper direction so if any of you will be able to direct my into the right direction i will really approciate. Below is the graphical presentation of my network.
Please Note the question marks, are the information i am not sure what to put on:

|Public IP (Static)
|Router / SN
|Border PC (win 2003) - 2 NICS
|Internet Facing(Interface 1)
| LAN (inteface 2)
| IP
| SN:
| GW: ?
|-Hub (8 port hub)
|-PC1 IP GW ?
|-PC2 IP GW ?
|-PC3 IP GW ?

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two quick items

by brothertech In reply to Configuring 2 NIC on wind ...

According to MicroSoft, the server with two nics should only have a single gateway listed (if it is running Active Directory). The second NIC without a gateway will find its way without a problem. Each PC (attached to the LAN NIC without the GW) should have a GW as the server LAN card

You can enable routing and remote access on the 2003 server to allow for internet access to the PC's

Work on those things and get back to us.

Any other tips out there?

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RE: two quick items

by tzbongo In reply to two quick items


Thank you for your quick response, I will try the suggestion you have given me and will post back the results.

Thank you very much.


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RE: two quick items

by tzbongo In reply to two quick items


It Worked!! Thank you very much. I followed exactly what you recommended, I have setup External NIC with IP assigned by the router and Used Router IP as a GW, then I setup the LAN NIC with IP Address and used External NIC as a DNS, no GW.
I Was able to access the internet from the PC connected to the 192.168.2.X subnet, was able to ping both Interfaces on the Main PC (i.e. and

Then I enabled the routing and remote access on the 2003 server. But I can not ping the IP (PC connected to the interface) from the server. But so far I have made some progress Thanks to you. Now once I will be able to get all PC communicating then I am planning to install the FW on the Server (I am planning to install Checkpoint FW the 30 days trial).

I will be happy to get any recommendation if you have any.


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No joy with the ping

by brothertech In reply to RE: two quick items


I am assuming you can ping the other PC's from the server??

Check to see if windows XP SP2 firewall is on. It will block ping if not specifically allowed through.

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Couple of more questions

by mail.longxin In reply to No joy with the ping

Hello Brothertech

With reference to above post I?m wondering if you could answer a couple of my questions.

The internal network is pretty much similar to what tzbongo has, but I?ll give you a little background on what I?m thinking.

Company with 55 (max) different locations.
Each location has a static IP address.
Each location has max 13 PCs in the internal network.

Locations need to be able to connect via VPN thus have the same Sub Net:
I?m thinking (IP) Class B/ (SN) ? giving me 126 IP adds to work with just incase all locations connect to one location at the same time.
Q1: is this SN a good choice?

For the internal network at each location:


? Public IP (Static)
? Private IP / SN

Firewall with 2 NIC
? Router facing NIC ? IP SN GW
? LAN facing NIC ? IP SN GW

Data Server IP SN GW
File Server IP SN GW

Switch / Switches
IP adds 172.16.20.x/ SN GW

Q2: Is this the right configuration? If not what should I change?
Q3: Recommended OS for Firewall, Server 1 and Server 2.

Appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

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by buddhaswink In reply to Couple of more questions

Maybe Im missing something but why would you use a server for a firewall? Is that even a firewall? Doesn't seem that it actually controlled any traffic or ports in your posts leading up to this one. Why wouldn't you simply use VPN routers w/ firewalls?

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Doing this with linux OS

by nitin_bansod In reply to Configuring 2 NIC on wind ...

Doing this with linux OS is quite easy. I can help you in doing this. I had recently did it.
U can download IPCOP or Smoothwall firewall sofware which can help you very much.

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