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    Configuring a bluetooth headset


    by silverdoller ·

    I have been given a Bluetooth headset with a Bluetooth dongle to connect to my pc with. I have been able to connect and use for listening to music or skyping or playing a game. When I ask the computer to let me listen to Spotify and play my game at the same time it cancels out one program. I have tried to change the settings, using the headset as the default device, but it only likes one program’s sound at any one time. I use via HD audio deck for the speaker controls, and ‘volume control’ for the device to send the sound too.

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      by silverdoller ·

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      Does it turn one off or does it overlap?

      by slayer_ ·

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      Also, is it every game or just a certain one?

      Some games will support “hardware” sound, this can cause this problem, switch to software sound to allow windows and directX to manage the sound.

      Also, you might just need two audio cards to do that, I have two in my computer, it works well. My folks used to watch a movie and the HDMI is routed with the internal audio to the TV, and the sound card runs to PC speakers in the room with the computer. So I can play games while they watch a movie.

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