Configuring a browser to only use the second network adapter

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I have a dell laptop running WINXPpro that I use on my corporate network, connected via the built-in 10/100/1000 NIC. For corporate use, I utilize the IE6 browser. The corporate network has a proxy that prevents access to some external URL's, how ever I have a legitimate need to get to those sites. I am trying to find out how I can configure my other web browser (Firefox) to only route out of my Cellular PC card while still connected to the corporate network. Essentially, it is a multihomed machine, and I need to keep all my apps functioning on the NIC for corporate use, while being able to use my second browser only through my cellular PC card. Is this possible?

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Route Add

by Jellimonsta In reply to Configuring a browser to ...

Check out your options for 'route add' in the command line to add static routes on your system.
You should be able to route all internal traffic (eg. through your regular gateway), and point to the IP of your PC cellular card.
Note however, if you move around to different network segments, your corporate gateway may become invalid.
Alternately, you could look at just adding a route for the 'specificly blocked, yet legitimate sites'. That way you will not affect corporate traffic at all.
Either way, doing this on a PC as opposed to using a router with PBR, is a major pain.
I would look at creating a .bat file that adds the routes, and another that deletes them so you can turn on/ off as desired.
Good luck.

Edited to add: As a senior exec, shouldn't you be able to determine those legitimate sites are necesary, and not blocked?

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