Configuring a server for remote connection

By wayne62682 ·
I'm really ashamed to admit that I don't remember how to do this; it's been many years since I've seriously administered any networks, having left sysadmin stuff for programming long ago.

I have a server that I want to use for development, and want to be able to log on remotely over the internet (i.e. from home, say) via Remote Desktop. I also want to be able to configure IIS so that I can access the server online to preview things I'm developing.

We do have a domain name but it's pointing to another server that's hosted external to our main office (co-location). This server is using the .local extension. Ideally I'd like to use something like, but like I said points to a totally different server.

Like I said, I'm really ashamed that I can't remember this stuff... so hopefully I won't get myself flamed too much for asking such a simple question.

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