configuring both username and secret on a CISCO router--is it doable?

By cewcathar ·
I want to configure on CISCO a password that is encrypted as MD5.

I know I can simply use the command enable secret, but what if I want a username??

Somewhere I got the understanding (right or wrong) that the following command would also result in a secret password encrypted as MD 5 (as well as in a different plain text password)

Router (config)# username donawmesswme privilege 15 secret 0 PLAINTEXTPASSWORDHERE 5 MD5PASSWORDHERE

Is this understanding right or wrong???

(Sorry, I have some testing software but not at this time a CISCO router to play with--so there is no way I can just test this on my router)

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can be done

by bipper9879 In reply to configuring both username ...

username donawmesswme priv 15 secre 0 yourpassword

secret is a MD 5 password the 0 represent you typing a plain text password

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Thanks what about secret 5??

by cewcathar In reply to can be done

Thanks, that seems right now & starts to make sense.

Do you mean username donawmesswme priv 15 secret 0 mypassword

You type this to specify in clear text a password that will be encrypted with MD5 and stored?

Under what circumstances would I use 5 instead of 0 in this command?
username donawmesswme priv 15 secret 5 mypassword

(I finally found your command and also one with secret 5 at a CISCO information page, but I'm confused about secret 5??)


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