configuring cisco 873 router

By kilompa ·
I am new to router configuration but think i have done enough for my system to work.

1. My internal(LAN) network has a network ip of 10.10.1.x.

2. My isp has a router with interface I configure my cisco 873 router to have a wan interface of and corresponding lan of

3. The problem is i cannot ping my ISP's ip but my isp can hit both of my router interfaces.

4. In addition, i can hit both router interfaces from my Lan.

What i'm i not doing right?

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Some ideas

by sidekick In reply to configuring cisco 873 rou ...

I don't have much experience myself, but hopefully I con point you in the right direction.

First off, are you using for your subnet mask on both interfaces? Traditionally, the 10.x.x.x subnets use, but if you are using variable length subnet masks, that should be OK.

Second, are you sure the is the right IP address? That is a private IP. If it is connected directly to your ISP, then make sure you use the IP address your ISP gave you. I have a public IP address on my connection to my ISP, but maybe they do it differently in your part of the world.

If that all checks out, double check the routing protocol configuration.

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