Configuring Exchange with Dynamic DNS

By yashy99 ·
Hi Peeps

I've setup exchange 2003 at home and want to be able to send/receive emails. Just having trouble making it work properly though and need to get it working:)

I'm with an ISP (Talk Talk) that provides Dynamic IP. I have my own domain name.

I'm using a Dynamic DNS provider ( The Mx records point to their servers. I've added the domain to They also provide their own port, which I've opened on the router firewall to allow in.

My main confusion is whether I should use a mail store and forward service with Or should I just stay with their standard Pop3/SMTP account?

I've been reading up on SMTP connectors and Relay Outbound email, but I'm so confused on how I should configure for mail to be received (hopefully) and to be able to send emails out.

If anybody could point me in the right direction, that would be great.


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Maybe it's telnet?

by yashy99 In reply to Configuring Exchange with ...

I've tried to telnet into the exchange server or even the NAT server and it's not allowing me. I can only telnet out from the actual servers. Could this be a possible issue that's causing the problem?

I'm literally tearing out the head out of my head, have been at this for a week now!

Thanks for your input:)

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Telnet for what?

by CG IT In reply to Maybe it's telnet?

here's the quick and dirty on having dynamic ip addresses and a domain.

you need a dynamic DNS service that will point your public ip address to your domain name even when your ISP changes your public ip address. There are many available.

Most DNS services require that your authoritative name servers [your domain registar has the listing] for your domain name be delegated to your DNS service provider.

Here's the how to article to telnet to port 25 to test SMTP on exchange for proper ehlo and helo messages

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by yashy99 In reply to Telnet for what?

Thanks for your response.

I have a NAT server, an Exchange server and an Xp machine. All on the same domain. I've also got my own domain which I've bought (the name is different than the network domain).

Seeing as I've got a dynamic IP address, I also signed up with and use their Dynamic DNS service. I've configured everything to point to my external IP address. I made sure that the recipient policies in Exchange are set to the domain name which I've bought.

So far, I can send emails out from Outlook on the Xp machine. When I try to email a user, i get a bounceback.

Now, I've made sure that I can see the server publically by attempting to telnet to it through port 25. It creates a connection no problem. I haven't tried sending an email though from telnet, but what I do see is that the public IP and the server are viewable on the internet.

As you can imagine, I have no hairs left on my head:)

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