Configuring HDD for MultiBoot with Windows7

By dalexnagy ·
I am planning to reconfig my 320GB HDD to support multi-booting these OSes: XP, OpenSUSE 11.3, Ubuntu, Windows7. The HDD is currently setup (and working well) with XP and OpenSUSE 11.3 and a separate VFAT32 partition for shared data ('My Documents'). I am using GRUB as the boot manager.

I plan to clone the HDD to a new 320GB HDD, verify I can boot from the clone, and have this as my backup (it will later become a external HDD for backups).

1) Should I configure my HDD with one primary partition (XP) and one Extended partition for the other OSes and shared data in logical drives?

2) Any restrictions on booting Linux and Win7 from logical drives?

3) What's the best way to copy the MBR from my current disk (actually the clone)?

4) If I simply copy the MBR, must I keep the partitions in the same order as they are today to ensure booting starts GRUB? I can add/remove items from GRUB as I add OSes.

I plan to use CloneZilla as I had used that to clone the old 80G drive to my new 320G drive but I did not setup the new HDD to allow me to add multiple logical drives.

Thanks for any suggestions based on your own successes!

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