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Configuring LAN Router for Video+Games

By brian.catt ·

I just bought a D-Link DSL 504 Modem/Router
to share a Mac on OS9 and a PC on WinMe on
broadband DSL. I got broadband in part for
conferencing and interactive games. Neither
of these work from behind the router, which it
now appears is a standard problem which
requires Router config magic. No answer from
D-Link of course, nothing in their RFQs, etc..

In short I need to understand how to make
interactive and video connections from behind
a shared Internet connection on a router which
has NAT/DMZ/DHCP technologies. Can it be
done and how? I can see its possible to turn
off/mess with NAT and DHCP, put one of the
devices in the DMZ,and "re assign" PORT
numbers, but no idea how and from what to
what and know I will lose everyhting I do have
if I mess with it unknowingly.

I know this problem is widespread so is there
a white paper or monograph about my
problems - internet video conferencing and
games for shared connection dummies - step
by step?

I do have the PORT numbers for all sorts of
applications from
pp_port_list.htm, totally useless without
explanation and no idea how they map to the
Router config settings, nothing in D-Links stuff
tells you..

I tried this elsewhere but definitive answers for
a typical power home user are hard to find.
Maybe its just too diffcult to do? Is it me or is
this just extreme technology that isn't ready for
prime time?
Thanks for guidance either way. I have little
more time to waste on D-Link. Should I quit or
try to make it work?

I need a "make camer/games work" button....

Brian Catt
01144 193 277 2371

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By design view!

by areets In reply to Configuring LAN Router fo ...

Hi Brian,

I'll design an overview and get back by e-mail. Once again, tell me only what I need to know; I'll fill in the blanks.


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by areets In reply to Configuring LAN Router fo ...

When configuring your webcam/video push technology, do not use NAT. If you apply NAT, client-end and DNS understanding are necessary and it makes a mess at your network routing tables, unnecessary complication. So, if you must, use the DMZ to eliminate the need for NAT. Only truly consider NAT when working with Checkpoint FW or similar.

Use the router?s IP filtering and combine firewall features to support stealth network security. Use the VPN technology to secure the client?s connection across the Internet. Set your LAN NIC speeds to either 10 or 100 Mbps. Auto sense can cause network collision with some small routers, so prevent it. Not all ADSL routers are mature network negotiators.

Now, protect the network resources by applyingsomething like ZoneAlarme and/or LanGuard security software.

Protect the storage data by applying virus software as best experienced.

Acquire a broadband testing software to ensure connection quality.

But be sure that you have enough bandwidth in the first place to achieve the end result with the lowest network latency.


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Port Redirect

by razz2 In reply to Configuring LAN Router fo ...

Based on the game, port redirection will work fine and
be the easiest to setup. As for the video, again it
depends on the application. NAT will be enabled by
default most likely, so enter the web based setup for the
D-Link and go to the PortRedirection section. (4th
down?) Add a comment like "Quake III" and then edit as
needed the port. Check documentation for port ranges.
Then add the ip of the internal LAN pc so those ports
are forwarded. This should do it. Now, if not then NAT
could be the problem and will need to be disabled or
use a DMZ. If you go the DMZ route then have goos
antivirus and firewall software too.

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