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configuring nework in linux

By acc123 ·
hi theres
can anybody tell me how to configure network in linux including configuring network card & setting up linux pc for small nt network
htanx in advance.

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configuring nework in linux

First Part: Network Card and drivers.

By default, when you installed any distribution, it will most of the time, detect your network card. This will apply to PCI based network card. For ISA network cards, you will have to supply the port number and the Linux OS will autodetect the IRQ. When you don't know the IRQ and no drivers available on Linux, try installing on Windows machine and installed the NIC driver. Take note of the IRQ and supply them when asked by the Linux OS.

The Installation will also ask for your IP addresses and domain names. If your NT network have a DHCP server, then it's easy. Just choose obtain IP automatically. Then, you don't have to manually provide all the settings.

If you don't have a DHCP server, then you must know:

1. IP address assigned to your Linux machine.
2. Subnet of your network.
3. Gateway machine IP
4. DNS if any, or use external

Second Part: Participating in Small NT network.

Linux support Netbeui and Netbios by means of Samba daemon. The daemon is easily configured by editing the file:


By default, it will run itself without any alterations. However, you may want to change the workgroup name and the Linux Netbios name. You will find that the config file have a lot of comments and it's very easy to understand.

Having finished doing you changes, start the samba daemon:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/smbd start

to have the smbd daemon start automatically:

chkconfig --level 345 smbd on

Now, you have a fully working TCP/IP and netbios machine that participates on NT domain.

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configuring nework in linux

by acc123 In reply to configuring nework in lin ...

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configuring nework in linux

by schannachie In reply to configuring nework in lin ...

Hi there,

You can use aas you see above, or you can configure a small network using :

1.- Red Hat distribution

Linux install menu, that can be GUI or Text at the very start point of the instalation. Follow the install instructions in first place. So you can get started with the network cards and dirves as well net addresses for the linuxbox machine.

Second, start the linuxconf utility, it's simple and easy to use, it begins with the client services, network adapters andinterfaces, then with the server services. Follow the help menu in every case to be shure.

As you said that the network was small you can configure the hosts file at the /etc directory. Or if you have a dns server some where do as instructed atabove answer.

2.- if you have a Suse distribution you may use de YAST configuration utility. Or configure by half using yast and finish the configuration manualy. Or configure the network manualy entirely with no use of the configuration utility at all.

to test that all is in shape and working you may use the commands :

1.- ifconfig to test the net adapter and protocols installed, so as the status of the adapter (up or down, eyc.)

2.- nslookup to find the DNS of your network and be able to know that the translation of the addresses to names works OK. And that the zones are configured properly

3.- netstat so you can see that the services that you are giving with the your linuxbox are being used.

4.- check out the files at /var/log that are named :

messages -> system console messages
bootlog -> system boot log

5.- use as frecuently as you need the man pages, info command, and how-to's so you can gain enough skills to go on.

good luck !

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configuring nework in linux

by acc123 In reply to configuring nework in lin ...

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configuring nework in linux

by acc123 In reply to configuring nework in lin ...

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