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Configuring NLB Cluster in Windows 2003

By kashifjameel ·
I have configured a NLB cluster in windows 2003. My configuration is as follows:
Node1-->Cluster IP: Dedicated IP: Extra NIC card IP:
Node 2--> Cluster IP: Dedicated IP: Extra NIC IP:

I have configured NLB cluster using the Network Load Balancing Manager at node2. I have added as cluster IP and subnet mask and cluster internet name: Port rules are all allowed i.e. no port is blocked.
Than i have added a host (node1) as selected as its interface and set unique identifier as 1 for node 1 and 2 for node 2. After NLB manager configured everything without any error i executed the command 'wlbs query' and got the following results:

E>wlbs query
WLBS Cluster Control Utility V2.4 (c) 1997-2003 Microsoft Corporation.
Host 2 has entered a converging state 1 time(s) since joining the cluster
and the last convergence completed at approximately: 4/13/2005 9:22:24 PM
Host 2 converged as DEFAULT with the following host(s) as part of the cluster:

What i think the results should be like
Host 2 converged as DEFAULT with the following host(s) as part of the cluster:

but i am not getting these results. Could any one help me in this regard and tell me whether my configuration are correct or not. I am not sure whether my cluster is up and running. I really need help. Please do help me i'll be very grateful to you.

And could any one tell me the tool that i can use to stress test the NLB cluster.

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