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    configuring router in linux


    by er_jatt ·

    I have a redhat 8 machine with two lan cards installed.on one side of my n/w i have users connected to hub,and i am also connected to the hub through one lan card. there is another user(say 2nd) with same os whom i want to connect through my second lan card. my 2nd user cannot get connected to the hub. plz give a solution

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      configuring router in linux

      by magellanix ·

      In reply to configuring router in linux

      Let me make the picture clear first.

      You have a linux box with 2 network cards, 1 is connected to a hub (layer 2 device) and the other to another workstation.

      If you want the 2nd (the one connected network card to be able to communicate with the 1st network card (the one connected to the hub) you must enable IP fowarding for that device. [] has a detailed information to help you out.

      As a RH user my self, I found his document: Securing & Optimizing Linux: The ultimate solution, very very useful.

      Hope that helps. Cheers

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