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Configuring SCSI CDRW tower

By Shanghai Sam ·
I am in the process of building a CDROM replicator with 10 CDRW drives.
(My results are more errors and coasters than sucessful copies.)
Here's the config:
P2-333, 192RAM
onboard Adaptec 7880 SCSI controller [ultra/wide]
Adaptec 1**60 SCSI controller [ultra 160]
10 Yamaha CRW3200S SCSI CDRWs [24x10x40]
IBM Ultrastar 15K rpm ultra160 HD
Western Digital AC3300H ATA HD
ATI RageXL AGP video

The CDRWs are connected to the internal (wide) SCSI controller - [using 5 drives for development].
The IBM SCSI drive is connected to the 1**60 controller and stores/serves CDROM images.
(Single termination at end of both SCSI chains.)
The ATA drive has Win2K and RecordNow Max (multiple burner software)loaded.
Extra systemboard ports are disabled: COM, parallel, USB, IRDA.
SCSI controllers do not share IRQs.
When in operation, CPU utilization is under 30%, RAM use is 62 Meg.

Any suggestions, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated!


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