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configuring ups for services

By ptex56 ·
a client company i support uses both ncr/att backup batteries which run powermopn softwareand apc ups backup pro 650 which operate of ups service in windows nt4.0. i beleive that if a att/ncr is used then ups shuold be disabled andif an apc is used then powermon should be disabled. i feel if i know a system is being protected by a apc then i should see powermon disabled and notjust set to manaul .if and att is used then i should see ups disabled and not on manual. we have 2 files we use depending on which battarey backup is used that when they are run disables the other service am i right to say if either one is on manual and the other service is started and on automatic that their is potenial for service conflictsand the prfered setting should be disabled. If my analysis is correct how do i find documentation to prove this.

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configuring ups for services

by curlergirl In reply to configuring ups for servi ...

The distinction between setting a service to manual startup and setting it to disabled is pretty basic and, I think, clear-cut. A service that is set to Manual startup can be started - either by other services, batch files, scripts, etc., or manually by a user going into the Services management console and starting it from there directly. A service that is set to disabled cannot be started at all no matter what. So, if you want to be ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY sure that a service will NEVER get started either by mistake or by the action of another service or program behind the scenes, then the preferred setting is "Disabled." Hope this helps!

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