Configuring VLAN's--can I deny all traffic on native vlan and have my other

By cewcathar ·
Hi,I am studying for the CISCO & have a ?
If I deny all traffic on my native VLAN (which is on the trunk port of course; native VLAN has to be on the trunk port) and have other VLAN's as well on the trunk port, will the other traffic have any access problems?

That is, if I have native VLAN with only one switch port and the connecting router port on the trunk with an IP address in the subnet assigned to it, and I use the following access list configuration for the router subinterface (for both inbound and outbound traffic)

no ip any any

and I have other VLAN's on that same trunk port with other access lists,

will the other VLAN's have any access problems?

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Also on this same note how to disable DTP packets

by cewcathar In reply to Configuring VLAN's--can I ...

Can I prevent another device (in dynamic desirable mode) from configuring a trunk with my trunk port with the command:

switchport nonnegotiate

used on the trunk port??
?? Will that work??

Is there a point in using that command on trunk ports?


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