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    configuring vlans


    by syedk01 ·

    I have 2 dell switches 6200’s. My goal is to generate as much traffic between the switches i.e on the trunk ports. I have a traffic generator that generates/ssimulates http client/server traffic. I have configured clients on one switch and servers (http) on the second one. Should I create vlans for wach clients/server group? i.e client 1…250 belong to server 1. The clients are confgiured on port 1 of switch 1 and server 1 is configured on port 1 of switch 2. I have clients and server belong to vlan 100. The second group of clients (251 -500) belong to server 1 == these are in vlan 200 and are located on port 1 of switch 1 and port 1 of switch 2 respectively.
    What kinds of vlan should I use? Port based? protocol based?

    Any hints/ideas…

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      by syedk01 ·

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      whats the end result your looking for?

      by cg it ·

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      if your trying to flood the network with your traffic generator, its simple to do so, turn it on and crank it up.

      VLANs basically groups collision domains together. All collision domains on a VLAN capable switch belong to VLAN1. you can group collision domains into different VLANs but you need trunk lines to pass traffic between them.

      So again, what’s the end result where you would need to VLAN?

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        vlan traffic

        by syedk01 ·

        In reply to whats the end result your looking for?

        I have a http traffic generator an I am setting
        client/server connections. For eaample on Port 1 of switch 1 I have 250 simulate clients all in the same subnet. Repeat this for 12 ports.
        The client ports are one switch an the server ports on the second switch. I “tap” into the trunk line to mointor the sessions.
        1. How do I create the distinct vlans for each client/server group? Is it a vlan by subnet assoc.? I have created a unique vlan id for each port.

        Maybe as you suggested I can everything belong to vlan 1 and monitor everything on
        the vlan 1 on the trunk port..

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          well no …

          by cg it ·

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          VLans are created by a Vlan capable switch. The default on Vlan capable switches is that all ports belong to Vlan 1.

          When you create a second VLan and assign ports to that VLan those ports only belong to that VLan. They can not communicate with the default VLan unles you have a router [“router on a stick”] that can route traffic from VLan 1 to Vlan 2.

          Trunking is when you have mulitple VLANs spanning multiple switches and you need to have traffic span those multip Vlans on multiple switches.

          now a switch port is its own collision domain. typically only 1 host connects to 1 switchport. The switch creates a table that says host A is on switch port 1 and all traffic desgined for host A only goes to switchport 1 unlike a hub which floods all ports with traffic hoping to find the right host.

          Not sure what would happen if you turned on your traffic simulator that simulates 250 hosts on a 12 or 24 port switch but personally, I think it wouldn’t tell you much.

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      New to VLAN

      by osmaninaccenture ·

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      As salaam alaikum !

      I am new to VLAN and would like to learn the same right from the basics to Configuration and Administration, Kindly suggest me Web sites, Books, with which it will be easy for me to understand without any faculty.

      Also let me know if there is any Web sites from which I can Download the notes for referrence.

      Allah Hafiz
      Muhammad Usman Siddiqui

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