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Configuring Web and Email Server

By plrod1906 ·
We are a small company with 10 users, we just got our domain name, we want to host our own web and email server, we plan on using IIS running on Windows 2000 server, we have acces to the internet through a DSL line. My question is how do I setup myinternal server to get access with the outside world. Do I need to run my own DNS server, if so how do I configure it.

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Skillset level?

by LordInfidel In reply to Configuring Web and Email ...

This is the first question that needs to be asked.

What is your current skill set level. If this is the 1st time you are ever setting something like this up. I strongly reccomend getting outside help on-site.

While the actual process of setting up MS IIS&DNS is pretty straight forward and easy (if you know what your doing). There are other parts to it like securing it that is not so easy.

Describing how to set up a DNS server is going to be way too involved of a set of instructions. You need someone on site who has done this before and understands all of the steps involved.

Your other option is to allow an outside company host your DNS.

As far as connecting your web server to the outside world, again, let someone who hasexperience doing this help you.

Once you connect a lan to the outside, you will also need a firewall. To run web services without a firewall is just irresponsible.

Putting a incorrectly configured web server on the net is also irresponsible.
I'm not trying to blast you or make you feel like crap. But if your not sure what you are doing yet, yield to someone who does.

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LordInfidel Is right

by TomSal In reply to Skillset level?

As coincedence would have it I just got done setting up 4 servers this past week after we updated the MX and A records on them.

Anyway... Lord Infidel is right, not to put anyone down or anything like that but the most responsible advice we couldgive you is to consult with someone in the know that you can have physically there.

The short and sweet answer is that its actually quite easy to configure your web server "for the outside world" as you put it...and no you don't need to have yourown DNS server (in fact many small companies don't host their own DNS; while the bigger you get it becomes more and more a need), you can just plug into your ISP's DNS servers.

Like stated earlier, the main the concern is guiding you on securityissues. There is quite a lot to consider if you want to "do it right" - which of course you do don't you? :)

(Seek experienced help)

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Tom Sal And Lord Are Right>?

by radiic In reply to LordInfidel Is right

Dont feel bad if you dont know how to setup these services securely. I definattly know how to do setup these services and I still opt to have someone else host my site for me. They also provide me with DNS for the outside world. And pop3 mailboxes/smtp Why would I pay someone to do this for me. Because I dont have the time to deal with it properly. I am a 1 man IT shop for 75 users. I dont have the time to check logs and patch the **** out of a web server. I have enough to do with my internal wan. Bottom line is that, that company is responsible for keeping its server on the I-net and keeping my web page up and running. Also it redirects hackers away from your DSL connection in a way. One, of the first things a hacker does is visit your website to start learning info about your company, and they get the ip for that web server, and try to figure out if its part of your network. And on. and on. Bottom line is that they are really going about hacking you the wrong way, they are trying to hack the person hosting your site.

You mentioned that you have an I-net connect with DSL modem. This is good in a way too. I recomend rebooting the DSL modem once a week. I know with mine that it is a dynamic connection and doesnt always get the same ip address. Sometimes I have to leave it off overnight but Hey its worth it.

And just one other thing too. And it doesnt cost an arm and a leg. For $1200 you can get a Cisco pix 506e and set it up to Nat your inside to the outside and have a little more piece of mind that your Internal net is more protected than it was.

Just my opionion


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Based on your post...

by ghstinshll In reply to Configuring Web and Email ...

I haven't read the replies, but they seem to be backing Infidel up...

You shold consilt with the ISP providing your line, and have them consult with you about IP addresses in order to get you up.

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