Configuring WSUS 3.0

By broph8 ·
I have just installed WSUS 3.0 on Server 2K3, installing IIS 6.0 first. I have setup my groups, done my synchronizations, approved / denied the updates that I would like, and everything looks fine (in the WSUS Console anyway)...except that when I configure the PC's (I'm in a Workgroup environment and using the Local Group Policy settings on the Client PC's) to look at the WSUS server for updates they continually go to the normal Microsoft Site. I have tried to access the local Default website on the Server (via http://servername,, AND the LAN IP address) and all I get is "This page under construction".

Any ideas, or is there anything I'm missing? - I am the first to admit that IIS is NOT my strong point...

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Have you done this?

by bincarnato In reply to Configuring WSUS 3.0

1. Open a command window.

2. Type wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow

3. Wait 10 minutes for the detection cycle to finish.

PCs will still go to and get updates from the MS Update site unless you disable access in Group Policy.

Also, you nmay have to update the Windows Update Agent on the machines. The link for this is:

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