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conflict between 3com adapter andDSL

By Mulberry Office ·
We have a Win2000 Dell computer with a 3Com network adapter factory installed. We have attempted to connect to a DSL line, however are told by the phone company that our connection won't work because of a conflict between the 3Com adapter and the DSL. They suggest that we replace the 3Com adapter with another network card. We were able to connect to the DSL for several weeks and are now unable to do so. We can connect another pc and/or laptop from the same workstation connection, but ours won't work. Any suggestions.

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conflict between 3com adapter andDSL

by mshavrov In reply to conflict between 3com ada ...

It shouldn't be any "conflicts" between DSL and 3Com. What it may take place - if your 3Com card does not detect 10 Mbps network. All DSL/Cable modems have 10 Mbps Network port. And all modern network cards are 10/100 Mbps (I didn't see pure 100 Mbps NIC for few years).

What should you check - if your PC can accept IP address from the Provider. Connect laptop which is able to connect, write down IP address which it picks from ISP. Then connect your PC and check if it will receive similar IPaddress. If not - try to enter this IP address manually.

But better solution is buy for 100$ Cable/DSL router and plug modem to router and then computer to switch (hub) ports. It allow you use DSL connection for few computers, have some firewall functions.

Good luck.

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