Conflict between Norton 360 and Verizon Protections

By lnlcomputers ·
I have Norton 360 and Verizon Protections on two XP towers. With both programs loaded some Corel programs won't open. Norton refuses to uninstall. Can anyone help?

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Of course

by seanferd In reply to Conflict between Norton 3 ...

If they are both actively scanning all the time, there will indeed be conflicts. First rule of installing AV/security software: don't try to install it with a previously installed AV running.

Norton may have been disabled during install, but when both are actively running all the time, conflict will ensue.

I assume that, by "Verizon Protection", you mean "Verizon Internet Security Suite", as Verizon Protection is an equipment protection plan (which may include the Security Suite in the case of PCs - I don't know.)

So, yeah, you can't have both running at the same time. Take one off active scan, or remove one.

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