conflict between windows

By simon.c.l ·
Hi. I work with a number of windows sized so that they can all fit on my desktop. I use Word docs, XL sheets and a user form, Outlook and another piece of bespoke software which uses word for editing. I am finding that often when I move between applications there is a frustrating scene as the apps battle and create a flicker whch can only be stopped by holding down the xl spreadsheet (this has no macros, by the way so screen updating is not the issue here). Is there something I can do to stop this? This affects all my colleagues as well.

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To me it sounds like the bepoke is broke

by robo_dev In reply to conflict between windows

If an application uses Word for editing, it is probably using OLE (object linking and embedding) automation.

OLE automation can do weird things like the flicker you describe when the mouse cursor is jumping from one app to the other.

The correct technical term for this behavior is "the Desktop and all of its children get repainted".

To give the app the best chance of working, make sure that you are not doing anything like using custom cursors, animated cursors, or any flashy screen saver.

Sometimes upgrading the Visual Studio version can help, (if this is an app you developed in-house).

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by simon.c.l In reply to To me it sounds like the ...

Hi. Your reply is much appreciated. Unfortunately the bespoke is out of my hands and my IT support has something of a 'not-my-problem' ethos at the moment. I think we will have to live with it for the moment. Thanks.

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