conflicts between static and dhcp ip

By shane ·
We have a static ip network, i've added additonal network cards to connect the internet also. I've set them to dhcp assign ip's. I'm not stepping on ip between the 2 ethernet cards. For instance, our server uses 10.10.?.?
and our internet router assigns 192.168.1.?.
But it seems to affect connectivity with internet. If i disable server card then internet works fine. Sometimes they both work together and then sometimes not??

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You must have a routing or NAT issue somewhere

by Why Me Worry?? In reply to conflicts between static ...

Check your configuration and ensure that your NAT is working properly and that you have a properly setup static route between your private and public interfaces. You definitely have a misconfigured NIC if shutting down one of them fixes the problem.

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Also check default gateway

by Churdoo In reply to conflicts between static ...

Make sure that on your network, that you don't have a default gateway assigned. This would certainly cause your symptoms.

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thats what it was

by shane In reply to Also check default gatewa ...

internet used to connected thru server. So default gateway was in place. Thank you very much......

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