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By vinodsmtl ·
I am MCA 3rd sem student pursuing from IGNOU. What should I do alongwith my MCA for strong presence in software market as many companies do not give more value to IGNOU students.Should I opt for java? If yes then from where? Thanx

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by deveshpradhan In reply to Confused?

As you yourself agree that MCA degree from IGNOU may not help you much so my suggestion is to learn Java completely and some basics of Oracle. Added to it if you do a certification in Java would be great. Also try to learn basics of Web Developent with Java as well.

Good Luck

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by j.lupo In reply to Confused?

My suggestion would be to look at learning, at least the fundementals, of .NET

A lot of companies are looking for people with this experience. You may be getting your MCA, but today you need to know a little about a lot of things - Networking, Systems Admin, and then DB and Software.

There are a lot of good ONLINE courses for learning just about anything you need to. If you belong to a professional organization like the ACM, they even have free courses online to update or enhance your skills.

Good Luck

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by manmohan74 In reply to Confused?

It does not matter where you have studied. (Yes it does not give the initial boost a fresher does expect).

To strengthen your career. I would suggest stick to one line based on your interest and commitment level.

Then get ur fundamentals straight and aim for certification.

Always update yourself on related technology and tools.

Try to free lance, do small small assignments on your own initiative whereever you can.

Keep updated on latest technology, and if you can stay ahead of the game. Just to get requisisite experience you can start trying teaching opportunities/ your area of interest development activity.

Keep in touch with professionals in your area of interest and know the actual reality rather than looking at advts for job posting which actually boost a lot then what is required

Good luck

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by saurabhambekar In reply to Confused?

my advice would be to select your technology, get your fundamentals clear and try to master that technology.....there is no need of certifications may not necessarily give you an advantage....but sometimes certifications help you to refresh your knowledge(basics etc..) of your core technology....

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by bilwadal_roy_avion In reply to Confused?

First I would like to tell that there is nothing bad in getting a software degree from IGNOU. This way of thinking will serve as a mental blockade for any student from any institution.
Courses in Java will certainly enhance your career. Also you can try the option of embedded systems if you want to. There are good institutions which conduct courses on embedded systems and provide good placement. There will be some entrance examination you need to clear first. Bangalore and Hyderabad can be your hunting places for these institutes.
Prepare yourself well and also be in touch with the companies. It is only a matter of time when you will find yourself placed in a good company. Till then - good luck.

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by RanjitSiSa In reply to Confused?

Good Confusion. Infact, you are not the only one! Most students from IGNOU whether they are working or not have the same confusion even after getting a good job and climbing the corporate ladder...

The heart of the problem is the psyche spread all around about part-time courses. Especially in the Computer Science field. IGNOU has done near to nothing to spread the word that its MCA course is probably very good and effective and market driven. You may try to get out of this IGNOU-Syndrome for some time, but it may keep hunting your mind forever! So, probably the best thing to do is to FIRST accept that you are with a good university and a good course. There are lots of humiliations all around in the Software Industry. Its like saying "IGNOU students and DOGS not allowed". Reality. Also there are realities that many IGNOU students have done absolutely well in their jobs and doing really good. So, the heart of the matter is basically your skill! Bill Gates was a dropout, he is even poor in education than an IGNOU MCA student, isn't it? So, whats stopping you to go ahead and face the competition and get on your feet? Probably the negative marketing about IGNOU by many HR and Tech people is a bottleneck... But, if you are really and TRULY skilled nothing and nobody can stop you. Always choose a three track based methodology: 1. DATABASES, 2. PROGRAMMING, 3. NEW TECHNOLOGY. You will never be out of job and will always shine brighter. First, cure the disease in the psyche! Go ahead, get some course, real learning, real skills, certification. Dive Deep. All the best.

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