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    My quickbooks2003pro uk version is behaving weirdly, its a five user installed on five machines, the company file is on one of the machines in the network (LAN) all machines are running on winxp pro. When i open my company file and switch to multi user mode and then try accessing it from any of the other machines via the network i get the message: (the file is already open by another user make sure it is swithched to muti-user mode and try again) yet the file is already in multi-user mode, when i try accessing any other file on the client machines fom the server (company file host) it gives me a dialog box where to enter user name and password where as none of this is enabled, i give any password and it tells me it is incorrect. Redoing the network and re-installing of the quickbooks hasn’t helped, what could be the problem?

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      Did you create a local user account on the Windows XP system that is hosting the QuickBooks company file as per the guidance?

      “On a peer-to-peer network (a network without a dedicated file server where all computers on the network have the option to share their resources), you may want to put the company file on the computer of the person who uses QuickBooks the most. This allows that person to have the fastest access to the file.”

      On a peer-to-peer network, resources only exist on the local systems; thus, you must have a local user account on each system.

      In addition, you can quickly run out of TCP/IP connections on a workstation system in a peer network. You can check the TCP/IP connection status of a system by opening a command box on the workstation in question and doing the command:
      NBTSTAT -a computername.
      You should note that you must use the lower case “a” when using the computer name and a capitol “A” when using the IP address.

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