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By CT Strickland ·
Ok...maybe in a little over my head or on the wrong forum, but if you can not help me, maybe you can direct me elsewhere. (I was looking for site building, but I now see you guys are into software building?)

Anyway...I have a website on Geocities...wasn't satisfied with using their tools, so I started learning some HTML, and CSS stuff to build my own site from scratch using Windows notepad to hard-code everything in, so that I can fix and maintain my site better. I find the new site easierto open, even with frames, and user friendly when clicking through links.

I want to buy a host package, but I read where many use Unix servers, instead of windows based. Does this mean that I can't Upload my site that I have built myself with a windows system? I have kept the site code fairly basic with navigation bars, frames, and style sheets and this works fine with my IE Browser on a Windows NT and Windows 98 system.

Do I look for a Hosts that uses Windows based server or use another package to build a site that will work on Unix...I'm totally lost as to what the difference is?....Sorry if I'm too far off topic.

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Confused cont.....user deleted??

by CT Strickland In reply to Confused

the topic above is supposed to be by CT Strickland...I'm not sure what went wrong

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Help with confusion

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to Confused

First off, you are correct in that this is not the best place to ask such a question. That being said, a simple HTML file should work whether the server is Unix or Windows. Problems arise when you use OS specific extensions, etc.

I suggest you try a Google search like "HTML tutorial" - that gave me lots of good sites to check out.

Good luck to you.


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