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Confused about career

By Furqan Asrar ·
I would really appreciate any help I could get on this. I have a problem of deciding what to aim for, which I dont think many of us have.

In any case, I graduated 2 years ago with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Before I went to college though, I completed my MCSE (1999).

There was a really hype about MCSE's that time. It helped me get a part-time job during college. In my bachelors, I had selected electives in all fields of IT not knowing which specific field had my interest. I had wanted to become a game programmer when I was a teenager but there were no such courses to choose from. The Advisors were barely any help at all and finally I graduated.

After 2 months of graduation a landed a job in a small company. I was working as a Researcher/Application Developer in their R&amp Dept. I worked in that company for 3 months after which a reshuffling of management moved me from that department to the Web Development department of which I was made the Team Lead/Manager. I worked in that department for two months after which several arguments with management on requirements for the department which they were not eager to provide.

In any case, I moved on and landed a job in one large company as a Web Developer. I attended courses on Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server, Content Management Server, and Office Project Server. The last got a little of my interest, and I got quite a bit involved in Enterprise Project Management (which I implemented on one of the projects).

My project manager was forcing too much workload on me so i took a vacation for 3 months during which I worked for another small company as a System Analyst. I left after the project was over and handed all my documents to another senior analyst to work further.

I have returned to the previous large company and I am working again as a Web Developer with controllable stress.

I really love programming but its not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to move to a managerial position and be able to run a company (of my own or another).

To achieve this I am not sure which step to take next. One of the choices is the PMP exam (which requires around 2 years experience of project management) and the other choice is an Online MBA (online since I dont live near any recognised MBA universities).

The first choice seems more reasonable than the second since I am not sure of which field in MBA (Finance, Marketing, General Business Administration etc.). There is (or was) quite a bit of hype about the CIO position. I'm all confused.

I hope I haven't bored you all but a man's got to do what a man's got to do. And I really need help on deciding what to do for my future.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

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If you want to run a Company - MBA

by SkipperUSN In reply to Confused about career

You don't see many executive management with PMP certifications - they all hold 1 or 2 or even 4 MBA's -

Go the MBA route..

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PMP versus MBA

by JamesRL In reply to Confused about career

A PMP is a very specific area, and the people who do well are PMs with a good amount of experience. By the way the requirements for a PMP are 4 years and XXXX hours if you have a degree, and 5 years and YYYY hours if you don't. You also need exposure to all areas of project management. The PMP is designed to be a professional designation for those at the top of the field.

As for the kinds of jobs you can get as a PMP, it sets you up to be a great self employed big bucks contractor, if you have the experience to go along with the certification. Increasingly companies are looking for the designation, much more than a few years ago. But as skipper says, it doesn't set you up to be the president or even VP of a large corporation.

For that you need the Finance, Accounting and General Management courses of an MBA.

You don't need either to run your own company. But sometimes in the sales pitch it helps.

If you don't enjoy stress, do you really want to run your own company - meeting a payroll and having staff depend on you can be stressful too. Of course the size of the company has an impact as well.

James Linn
studying for PMP
Enrolled in MBA program

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