confused about my computer

By acobbs2211 ·
ok im kinda new with this whole computer thing. My computer has two viruses one is a trojan and i dont know what the other is. i tried downloading stuff off the internet to clear the viruses out but nothing is working and i really dont want to have to take it in and pay for it. so is there anyway i can get rid of the viruses by myself?? help please
by the way i have a toshiba...with windows vista

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Whats ur Virus Protection Software?

by LarryD4 In reply to confused about my compute ...

Whats ur Virus Protection Software and why won't it remove the virus?

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by acobbs2211 In reply to Whats ur Virus Protection ...

I've downloaded avg off the internet but that doesn't seem to be helping at all. It doesn't do anything. I've also downloaded spybot. Spybot is the one that actually told me i have viruses but it keeps telling me that in order for it to be able to remove them i have to be the administrator on my computer. and i've checked and rechecked the setting and i am the administrator. so i'm pretty confused right now.

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by LarryD4 In reply to avg

Was Avg installed the whole time?

Personally I like the free version of Ad-Aware( more than Spybot. But from what I hear Spybot is OK to.

But since Spybot is the one telling you about the virus but can't remove it, you might want to try ad-aware.

Might also be smart to try running spybot and removing it when your logged in booted to safe mode.

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A couple thougths....

by ---TK--- In reply to avg

what was the virus name? If it is SmithFraud or AV 2009 (that gives you a whole mess of pop ups asking you to buy their product). I would recommend reinstalling Vista!

to login as the administrator, go to this link it will walk you through the steps, then re-run spybot.

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by IC-IT In reply to avg

Larry has some good advice.
Load spybot while in Safe Mode, use the Advanced Mode, click on Tools and in the right window put a check mark on BHO's and ActiveX.
Open the ActiveX from the left window and delete any items with a red X. If you are unsure of an entry; click it from the display in the right window and see the path and manufacturer, if still unsure Google the name. Do the same for BHO's.
Also check the Startup entries.
Consider downloading and running Malwarebytes (in Safe Mode).

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by odiebugs In reply to confused about my compute ...

First off nod32 and kaspersky are the two top anti- virus there is. As for pick up time
avg is junk. If you identified them you must know what they are,google it for manual uninstall. If you don't know, try kaspersky free, or trial version. open task mgr and find the .exe that is running which you believe is a virus, rt click and look at its file location,
then run in safe mode and delete it.
For ten years,running Kaspersky,Trojan remover,spyware doc,zone alarm firewall, delete all cookies and temp folders after surfing, not one problem. I am on hack sites that would destroy most pc's and I get attempts at being hacked into from Russia and china about every two hrs.

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