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Confused about "shared" drives

By wwvlists-servers ·
Hi All:

I'm a one-man shop (I do hospital database work) w/ a small Win 2K Server lan (and 4 Win 2K Pro clients). Since it's just me, I share most of the drives on all clients (and server).

My question is this:

What exactly is the difference between "Share Permissions" and "Security"?

Presently I have "Share Permissions" set to allow Full Control, Change, and Read for my "local machine\Administrators", and to allow only Reads to "Everyone".

Under "Security" I allow "Everyone" everything (i.e., Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, and Write).

At one point, IIRC, I had to do it this way to get all machines to work OK with respect to copying/moving and reading misc. files.

So ... can/will anyone give me a concise explanation of these two constructs *and* feel free to advise on any better configuration (as I'm sure there are som more optimal ones).

Thanks in advance,


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Confused about "shared" drives

by timwalsh In reply to Confused about "shared" d ...

Security: This deals with access permissions on the computer hosting the share.

Example: You have a folder called DATA on the local computer. Your path is c:\DATA. You use the Security tab to configure access permissions for anyone logging on to the local computer. These permissions can be based on both domain user accounts and local computer user accounts (depending on how your network is constructed). Think of these as permissions on the directory and files - as viewed from the host computer.

Now, if you want to share this folder with other users, you must create a network share. This allows users on other computers to "see" what is shared. Share permissions aapply to how other users see and access the shared folder/files.

Note that Share permissions will override directory and file permissions if the the share permissions are more restrictive.

In your scenario, if a user access the DATA folder through its share name from a remote computer, the user will only have Read permissions. However, if this same user logs onto the computer hosting the share and accesses c:\data, the user will have full control.

Hope this makes sense.

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Confused about "shared" drives

by BlackDiamond In reply to Confused about "shared" d ...


Use caution when allowing the "Everyone" group access to shares. It is my understanding that "Everyone" allows unauthenticated users the rights you set on these folders, including someone that hacks into your system.

By default we remove "Everyone" from all shares. We have Groups setup with our users that we want to have access. We setup share and security rights based on these groups and users.

Hope this helps.

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