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confused in my career

By naren.arsenal ·
Hi,im a graduate in Electronics and communication and want to know the future prospects for a game programmer..
im thinking of doing a MS in computer science,i hope that ll be enough to get into game programming....i know a little of programming.
Is game programming a good career choice,plzzz im desperately in need of answers,any suggestion ll do.

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One rather obvious question . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to confused in my career

At what age are you planning on starting work?

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I can't speak for India but

by JamesRL In reply to confused in my career

In North America, there is a lot of work for games programming. There are schools now that specialize in game programming, and those grads get jobs.


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Best bet

by Fred123456 In reply to confused in my career

Move to California

Get a job to pay the bills

Enroll in UCLA's game developer program.

Make millions!

I thought game jobs were scarce in Jersey, trust me India is even farther away from the industry then jersey is.

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Its spread out a little more than that.

by JamesRL In reply to Best bet

I know the Canadian sites a little.

Ubisoft has offices in Montreal, Electronic Arts in BC, DICE has offices in London Ontario, Rockstar in Toronto and Vancouver, and so on. There are schools that teach game programming in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver - so I don't think its a coincidence.


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??? The number of positions available is the factor...

by Fred123456 In reply to Its spread out a little m ...

Sure their are many places, other than Cali, where there are jobs to be had. But when your trying to break in to the business and you are making a choice on where to go to do it. Would you go somewhere were their are 25 to 50 availble game industry jobs or thousands?

I mean even in Russia their is the Croat team that did Serious Sam. But they eventually up and moved to Cali also..

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Vancouver as one example

by JamesRL In reply to ??? The number of positio ...

Has 800 people working at EA and growing, plus 200 at Radical entertainment.

Montreal has 450 at Ubisoft, 100 at A2M, 90 at Microids.

So we aren't talking 50 jobs here. One third of EA's games are done in Vancouver.


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by Fred123456 In reply to Vancouver as one example

Not tryin to get in a pissin match on where the hot gaming jobs are. Just tryin to direct someone as to where the most "saturation" is..
Canada is cold place when you have no job.

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Biases biases....

by JamesRL In reply to Shrugg

Vancouver is warmer in the winter than NJ.

I'm not trying to get into a pissing match either, but Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are pretty big players. Of course one should consider southern California but you also have to consider the cost of living there as well. Vancouver isn't cheap but compared to Silicon Valley or LA it is. I've spent much time in both LA and Vancouver (and in fact Montreal too).


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