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    by sumit_acharya ·

    i,m in first yr of PGDIT course. now its tome for mr to choose the electives.

    now i,m in confusion:
    if any one can suggest me
    my electives are :
    1.advanced os
    2.advanced networking patterning
    4.agile programing pattern
    7.enterprise chain architecture
    10.RUP and rational tools
    11.VLSI/embedded technology

    so kindly suggest me 2 to 3 subjects as i dont have too much knoledge abt these subjects

    thankig you!

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      Here is my suggestion…

      by kima ·

      In reply to confusions

      If you are quite knowleadgeble with computers, select the following three.

      4. agile programming
      6. security (crytography)
      9. software architecture

      They will be very useful in the long run..

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        but kima……..

        by sumit_acharya ·

        In reply to Here is my suggestion…

        thanx for response
        but i,m not that much comfortable with computers that much.
        i dont know much abt agile programing.
        and also abt software architecture. in our course archicttecture includes : j2e,.net

        and one more think agile programing requires good knowledge of software programing thats what i dont have much.

        could u plz tell me cryptography requires what minimum knoledge is required and also the name of subject and topic.


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          by kima ·

          In reply to but kima……..

          You’ll have to start from Basics and up, you must feel comfortable with computers and like it, otherwise no matter what you study it won’t matter.

          Cryptography requires lot of critical thinking, programming, and understanding cryptography which not everybody is able to get, unless you really like reading a lot, I mean a lottt…

          Do as follow:

          Take apart/Put together computer> Learn how to installed OS,Software > Learn basic software applications > Learn troubleshooting basics >Learn networking basics > Learn programming > Learn internet research > Learn basic security > after you learn all that then take all the classes I recommend for you…

          You’ll just have to read,read,read a lot, lot, lot…

          Have fun…

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          hi kimma

          by sumit_acharya ·

          In reply to Hmmm..

          hi i have opted my courses now
          they are :
          advanced OS
          advanced networking
          rational unified process
          what do u say kima

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          That’s good…

          by kima ·

          In reply to hi kimma

          I hope u learn something…

          Advance OS, what kind? WinNT/2000/XP, LINUX,UNIX,NOVELL????

          Did you learn how to take apart and put together a computer yet????? A+ is a must, besides networking & OS…

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