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Congress Soon Reconvenes . . .

By John Connell ·
January promises to be an interesting month in Washington. Congress prepares to reconvene and the President-Elect will get behind the wheel. I am curious about what kinds of IT issues TechRepublic members want to see addressed by the new administration.

One issue that comes to my mind is the tax guidelines and depreciation rules regarding IT equipment. I've heard some people complain that a lot of hardware ends up obsolete before it can be written off. Does anyone think that the dynamics of the industry merit reevaluation of the current depreciation rules?

What else should they be considering in Washington?

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Several Things

by mcorr In reply to Congress Soon Reconvenes ...

The first is relaxing the "national defense" restrictions on encryption technology. Anything publicly available here is easy for the "undesireables" to acquire: simply fly over and get it.

Another is the Microsoftopoly. GWB has not commented directly on this, but he has a strong lassez-faire streak and may call off Boies (?!?) and the lawsuit.

Another issues is increased technology devices in classrooms and training for teachers to ensure the next generation of TechRepublic members :)

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by H_Celeste In reply to Several Things

Not to start a fight here, but Bill Gates donates more computer equipment to schools than the federal government. If getting more technology in the classroom is a priority--and I agree that it should be--maybe looking to private sector donors like Gates is the most effective way to achieve that goal.

As for W.'s hands off policies--all the better! I want political leadership that will keep the net free from censor-happy fundamentalists and sales tax seekers.

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Donations etc

by pjstrifas In reply to Conflicted

Good for him! He should be applauded for it but he should not given a "pass" when his company has been found "guilty" of anit-competitive practices!

As for hands off - I'll agree the break-up is useless and will not do any good but does this meanwe should not be "watching" over EVERY company shaping the future of our world?

Isn't that what happened in the 1930's in Europe as people turned a "blind eye"?

Just adding my opinion, not to starting a fight :)

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Surplus computers for all

by joel.g.altman1@jsc.nasa. In reply to Conflicted

>Bill Gates donates more computer equipment
>to schools than the federal government.

It doesn't have to be this way. The federal government just replaced my perfectly good 266 Mhz Pentium I with a 730 Mhz Pentium III. The new machine is much faster, but the old machine was fine for keeping track of my time and e-mail. It would do the same for the average school. In fact, it's over kill.

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PCs for Schools

by donna.kennedy In reply to Conflicted

We have to go through to many channels to get Govt PCs donated to schools, waiting periods, etc. We need to change the way we donate to streamline the process and get this equipment out to the schools before it gets so outdated. ECO, Eglin AFB

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Donations and Censorship

by mcorr In reply to Conflicted

Private sector donations always have been the source of most charity in this country. I was not saying W's government should take over this role, only that he should use his power to encourage more computers in schools. This can be done by tax breaks, public pressure, use of the media, etc.

I think the net should be tax free also, but then I think all sales should be tax free. What you don't realize is that the internet is *NOT* tax free now. Some states require you to report online sales on your return and pay taxes on these items at that time.

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by Packratt In reply to Congress Soon Reconvenes ...

Actually I'm hesitant to have government get involved in anything, let alone IT. Whenever the government steps in it's bad news for everyone because we can see how government is able to screw up anything else it does. If government solutions only applied a little common sense it wouldn't be an issue. Also, the corruptability factor concerns me as well since the laws seem to support those who give the most money to the lobbyists and campaigns.

The Microsoft issue is a non-issue in my mind since it would not affect the people who actuall own and run MS itself. What's the difference between a monopoly and a duopoly that does not compete with each other directly.

IT labor issues are my biggest concern as an IT employee though, but I don't think there is anything promising there since the ITAA has a stranglehold on the government's ear and the IT workforce has yet to organize enough to counter them and the industry itself.

Oh well, happy new year.

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Missing DLL

by Suzie_Q In reply to Torn

>If government solutions only applied a >little common sense it wouldn't be an issue

Packratt you know there is no DLL between government and "common sense". And I do not see the current administration doing anything to aleviate that situation.

Being from Texas I am well acquainted with W and I can assure you that he has no interest in the IT industry. Keep a close eye on his appointments though, they will be the movers and shakers in his administration and he will take the credit for others work as he has always done.


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Monopoly Buster

by patton777 In reply to Congress Soon Reconvenes ...

How about the new administraton jumping on the AOL TIME Warner merger. And then looking at Sun micro-systems. I mean ****, Clinton's Justice Department has and is trying to bust up Microsoft for being a monopoly, maybe Bush should take a look at AOL, Time, and Sun. Microsoft lawyers have been saying for almost two years that these companies were the only plaintiffs in the lawsuite...maybe they weren't lying!!!

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by mcorr In reply to Monopoly Buster

I will agree with you that AOL/TIME/Warner might constitute a monopoly, but how in the world is Sun a monopoly?

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