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By mckelleb ·
Our new telecommunications provider includes internet service over a T1 line with a Cisco router and unlimited VPN accounts. For internet use, we are using Verizon Fios @ 15M d/l & 5M u/l with a Dlink router.
VPN would come in on the T1, but it is not connected to our internal network, which is connected to Fios.

Is there any way to connect our internal network to the VPN router but still use Fios high speed for internet access?

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Connect 2 ISPs - with link balancers

by jph In reply to Connect 2 ISP

The simplest way to achieve this result is by using a link balancer.

Such devices can be considered "WAN switches" and will enable inbound/outbound balancing. You can also use both links for your VPN.

Check out, they should meet your requirements.

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