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Hi i have 2 office locations. The main office contains the following hardware:
Netgear FVS124G loadbalancer which is connected into a linux server (web/proxy/file/firewall/dhcp) configured in server and gateway mode ( load balancer plugs into server, then server plugs into switch ). Ip range of loadbalancer is 192.168.1.X, internal network Ip range is 192.168.65.X. There is also a Server 2003 box running Exchange. The Linux server is issuing DHCP.

Both offices have 2 internet connections.

Other office also has a Netgear FVS124G loadbalancer which is issuing DHCP on the range of 192.168.1.X

At the moment i have the remote office retrieving mail from the exchange server through POP, which im no to happy about but the only way to get other users functional.

Main office has resources ie excel, word documents, few databases etc, that are accessed and edited through RDP from the remote office. When things need to be printed, remote office local printers are mapped through the rdp client and installed on the main office's terminal services machine. Problem here is printers at the remote office have been updated to Multifunction network laser printers, which cant be used through terminal services.

I dont have much knowledge at all when it comes to setting up a VPN so please excuse my inexperience.

My goal is as follows:
1. to setup a VPN using the equipment that i have already
2. to establish a intranet where the 2 office locations can share resources and effectively become 1.
3. to have remote office connect to exchange server as though they are in the local network.
4. to be able to print from main office to remote office printers.

Also would i be better off trying to resolve the exchange issue with implementing RPC over HTTP??

All i ask is just a point in the right direction, i understand what i have asked will probably take a long time to explain, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, hope to read some replys soon.


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