connect 2 wireless routers on one network

By jwmurrayjr ·
I have a game room(to far to pick up a signal) that isnt connected to the house and would like purchase 2 fast N wireless routers for gaming and movies please advise me on how to do this and what routers to purchase

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current setup?

by patb071 In reply to connect 2 wireless router ...

What is you current setup? when you say too far, do you already have a wireless network and you just need to extend the signal distance?

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my current setup is a Dlink wireless router hooked up to high speed cable

by jwmurrayjr In reply to current setup?

its about 400ft away from the router and doesnt get a good signal, I tried a range extender but it drops the signal so I installed a cat5 line from the dlink to the game room and need to put another router on it so I can recieve wireless service in the game room also. Was thinking of adding N instead of the current G. What do you think I should do?

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If your games room

by tintoman In reply to my current setup is a Dl ...

is 400 feet from your router then installing a cat5 cable probably won't help much since the generally accepted maximum length of the ethernet cable is 100m and you are 121.9 metres away.
You should install an unmanaged ethernet switch between them. Then you can attach a wireless access point to the switch.

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