Connect 3 printers to my home network?

By Richard2103 ·
I want to know how to connect 3 printers to my home network for all 5 computers to take their pick, as each printer has a different purpose?

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printer server

by databaseben In reply to Connect 3 printers to my ...

the easiest method is to buy a printer server. basically they are like a printer hub and some are wireless too.

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Depends on what you are using in both

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Connect 3 printers to my ...

The Home Network and the Printers. Some Domestic printers can not be Networked they can be added to the local computer that they are attached to but their drivers can not be added to a Remote Printer.

Anyway regardless of what you have you need to Share the Printer and this requires that File & Printer Sharing is enabled assuming that we are talking some sort of Windows Network here. Most Domestic Networks are Workgroups or as they are now called Homegroups since Windows Vista. You need to run the Network Setup Wizard and enable File & Printer Sharing and the directions for this will be in the Help Files in the Start Menu.

After you have the Network configured for File & Printer Sharing you need to go to each printer and share it by right clicking on it and left clicking on the Share Option from the Drop Down Menu. When this is done go to the other computers that you want to add it to and run the New Printer Wizard and instruct the system to look on the network for them.

Those which can not be shared over the Network will not be possible to install.


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Also depends on the printer's connection options

by n_kahnman In reply to Connect 3 printers to my ...

for example, I have 2 printers that both have network ports/ wireless connection options built in to them (lexmark 7600 series, hp 8750). This allows them to be plugged into the router's (or a switch's) network port (or set-up for wireless access, if available). So all you would have to do is setup the printer using the network connection option when doing the 'add printer' search. Run the' add printer' on each pc and chose the networked printer. If your printer has that option it works much better then setting up printer sharing because the pc that is sharing the printer would have to be turned on for the other pc's to be able to print to it. Many newer model printers have an ethernet jack for connection (in fact my HP printer is over 5 yrs old and has that option so it's not something new). Hope that gives you another option, good luck.

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Home Network Printing

by rldbusfinserv In reply to Connect 3 printers to my ...

Make each printer a network printer, and shair them so regardless as to what application you use. You will have access to the printer you need.

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