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Connect a Mac to a Windows VPN Network

By gli ·

How can I setup someone with a Mac to remotely connect to a Windows network? Right now, Im connecting remote PCs to the network by creating a VPN connection in Windows. It is possible to do something like that with a Mac? Please help, I'm stuck here. We have a new hire and she only has a Mac at home. THANKS GUYS.

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by cwgmpls In reply to Connect a Mac to a Window ...

Run "Internet Connect", located in the Applications folder.<p>There is a quick overview <a href="">here</a>. That is probably enough to get you going.

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by gli In reply to easy


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This maybe a dumb question

by brian In reply to Connect a Mac to a Window ...

but I am conected via internet connect but I do don't know how to browse the files. After looking on the net, I now need to connect to server?

smb:// ??

not sure what smb is, but it says password or user is invalid yet the pass word and user name work when connecting via internet connect. It never promts me for a user name when i connect.

Any help would be appreciated

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it might be, but i have a similar one

by jdstallmeyer In reply to This maybe a dumb questio ...

i get connected, but then what? how do you 'see' the server, etc?

related question - i assume you can vpn in to a windows network using boot camp or parallels. any tips on how to do this?

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