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Connect cable modem to DSL router.

By pmshah ·
I need to connect a router (no modem function) which is specified for use with DSL modem. I was planning on buying Asus RT-13U for the purpose.

The question is is there any way I can connect it to Motorola Surfboard cable modem provided by my ISP?

I have several cable/dsl combo wifi routers (eHome, D-Link, Belkin) but all are somewhat old and do infrequently drop connection to the cable modem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Radio interference?

by TobiF In reply to Connect cable modem to DS ...

I had to look up the product you mentioned. The reason is that "DSL" is a group of standards for digital connection overlaid on the telephone line, which obviously requires a modem to work...
So, when I see the term "DSL router", I think of a box that combines a DSL modem and a "home router" in one unit. In such a unit, the "upstream" connection is a phone line. But you need a router, where the uplink is an ethernet connection.

Now, if you have problems with dropped connections, then there may be several reasons for that, especially if you're using wifi. If you're using channel 4, and your neighbor is on 5, then your networks will disturb each other.

You can use Metageek inSSIDer to check the wireless environment in your location. It is better to share one common channel, than using adjacent channels.
The general recommendation is to use only channels 1, 6 and 11, but many routers just pick a random channel and you may need to adjust to the reality.

Some routers with limited memory may also have problems if you're using a large number of concurrent connections, for example torrents with DHT.

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