Connect Desktop to internet using a 3G connection on Laptop via LAN

By theneates ·
Can anyone assist with a 3G internet connection. The 3G (data card which connects to the mobile/cellular network) is inserted into the Laptop. The Desktop if connected to the laptop via a LAN connection. All sharing options have been selected when setting up the internet connections etc. The Laptop can connect to the internet but the desktop cannot.?? ?

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You cant use the lan

by Jesus_C In reply to Connect Desktop to intern ...

You have to use UMTS or GPRS.The lan is for routers not 3g cards.If you cannot connect,check the website for coverage or contact your local vendor

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It seems you have..

by dawgit In reply to Connect Desktop to intern ...

confused yourself here. Why, if the two computers are conected with a LAN cable (?) do you want to also conect by wireless? Is the Cable that you have used a CAT5, Cross-over cable? Do you, or have you set the options for internet sharing? What OS's ar both machines? Does the Desk top even have the necessary Hard/Soft-ware to support 3G wireless? YOu have left a lot out here. What Sevice are you using for the 3G to work? We need more info from you. -d

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Sharing a HSDPA card connection over an ad hoc lan

by peter.lyons In reply to It seems you have..

I can share my data card connection between a number of laptops using a switch and cables and I can set up an ad hoc wireless lan which can "see" the other laptops - but I can't share the data card internet connection over this ad hoc network. What am I missing? (& no its not ticking the 'share this connection with other users' box. HELP!

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